Azeri War Crimes .org is a live archive of evidence of war crimes, ethnic cleansing and human rights violations committed by Azerbaijan. Sadly, even after a trilateral ceasefire statement was signed on November 9th, 2020, by Russian, Armenian and Azerbaijani governments, these  crimes are still being committed right now by Azerbaijan’s armed forces as the world continues to watch in silence. Civilians and Prisoners of War (POW) are captured, humiliated, tortured, beheaded, mutilated and brutally executed, churches are desecrated and cultural heritage is being destroyed or vandalized. Our mission is to document and expose these crimes.

Stop Torture of Armenian Captives by Azerbaijan

Crimes Against Civilians

Destruction of Cultural Heritage

Attacks on Press and Journalists

Banned Weapons and Tactics

Sponsoring Terrorism / Jihadi Mercenaries

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