Evidence of recruitment, transfer and presence of mercenaries and terrorists in Azerbaijan’s military bases, prior to attack on Artsakh / Karabagh

Afrin, Syria

Video footage of the recruitment of terrorists in Syria to fight against Armenians in Artsakh / Nagorno-Karabakh. One of the sheikhs affiliated with SNA (terrorist group in Syria) in the countryside of Aleppo says: “Our battle today is in Azerbaijan as it is the battle of Bilad al-Sham”.

“Our ummah (Islamic World)… Is being deprived from East to West. Now our battle is in Azerbaijan, as it was in Levant (Syria, Libya, etc.)… I asked our ulema (religious), oh, you, Sheikh… (the video has been interrupted)”

Horadiz, Azerbaijan (military base)

Syrian mercenaries wearing Azerbaijani border guard uniforms dancing on Azerbaijani military base in Horadiz, Azerbaijan.

Turkish-backed terrorists and mercenaries moving to the front in confiscated trucks

These trucks were confiscated from civilians by Azerbaijan on Sept. 22, five days before the attack on Armenians in Artsakh / Karabagh as reported by an Azerbaijani media outlet website turan.az. Below is a screenshot of the Azerbaijani news website reporting on the seizure of pickup trucks by the Azerbaijani government.