Disabled 80-year-old Armenian man humiliated and kicked by Azerbaijani soldiers

On November 19, a video emerged on several Telegram channels depicting an elderly Armenian civilian later identified as 80-year-old Jonik T., a resident of Shushi, who did not manage to evacuate and was subsequently captured by Azerbaijani forces.  

It is visible that Jonik is in poor health and walks with difficulties. He is abducted, encircled by 15-20 soldiers, two of them holding him by each arm, dragging him against his will. Jonik can be heard asking the soldiers “What have I done to you?” as he’s being kicked from behind and dragged against his will. The video once again demonstrates deep-seated hate and Armenopobia among Azeri soldiers and complete disrespect of the captives and international humanitarian law.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia released a statement on the manifestations of barbarism by the Azerbaijani armed forces:

“The degrading attitude of the Azerbaijani soldiers towards the elderly citizen of Artsakh Jonik Tevosyan on the basis of his ethnic origin is strongly deplorable. That action, as well as its further glorification by the Azerbaijani society is simply a rejection of the accepted moral values.

The factual evidence about Azerbaijan’s anti-Armenian and racist policy has been accumulated day by day to the publication of videos glorification of the war crimes committed by the Azerbaijani armed forces in the territories of Artsakh which is currently under Azerbaijan’s occupation.

It should be underlined that the compliance with international humanitarian law implementation and the respect demonstrated towards the civilian population differ regular troops from the irregular terrorist fighters and the states from the terrorist organizations.

The recent atrocities perpetrated by the Azerbaijani side are based on the anti-Armenian policy instigated and encouraged by the leadership of Azerbaijan for decades, which has been aimed at carrying out ethnic cleansing and genocidal intent against the Armenians of Artsakh.”