(18+) Azerbaijani special forces soldier pins down an old Armenian man and proceeds to cut his head


This article includes graphic descriptions of violence, war crimes and murder. Please proceed with caution and practice self-care when reading this article.

On December 7, 2020, Azerbaijani-run channels on the Telegram messaging app, uploaded video footage of a live execution of an 82-year-old Armenian man civilian. In the video, the victim is pinned down by a soldier wearing Azerbaijani army uniform, in distinct cutaway helmets of Azerbaijani special forces. The soldier has an Azerbaijani flag can on the right shoulder and a red armband on his left. The victim is begging for his life repeatedly saying: “I beg you, for God’s sake” in the murderer’s own language. The other soldier hands the perpetrator a knife, which he uses to brutally cut the older man’s throat before the video abruptly ends.

The victim is identified by family and residents of his village as Yuri A., an 82-year-old from the village of Azokh. This horrific killing is believed to have taken place in the sector of Nagorno-Karabakh occupied by Azerbaijani troops since 25 October. The exact date of the incident is not known. The video is independently verified by Amnesty International & The Guardian.

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