(18+) Azerbaijani armed forces torture an elderly Armenian man in his home, cut off his ear and slam his face on the floor


This article includes graphic descriptions of violence, war crimes and murder. Please proceed with caution and practice self-care when reading this article.

A video shot with a cellphone in Karabakh, showing another torture of an old Armenian man, surfaced on Azerbaijani run Telegram channels in mid-November. The video shows several Azerbaijani soldiers holding down an elderly man on the floor of his home, face down, with his hands tied behind his back.

Screenshots from video:

One of the soldiers steps on the man’s back and uses a knife to cut off one of the ears. As the man whimpers in pain, another soldier grabs the hair on the back of the head of the old man and repeatedly slams into the floor as blood flows everywhere. Another Azerbaijani soldier cussed the old man and kicks him in the ribs as his head is being slammed into the tile floor. The fate of the man in the video is unknown.

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