Interrogations of captured terrorists and jihadi mercenaries reveal they were offered a $100 bonus by Azerbaijan for each Armenian head they cut off.

“We would get an extra hundred dollars for the head of each kaffir (nonbeliever) we cut off.”

Jiser al-Shugur

Mehred Muhammad Alshkher

Captured radical Islamist terrorist Mehred Muhammad Alshkher is from the Syrian city of Hama. Married, has three children. Together with 250 other terrorists he came to the front line from the side of Azerbaijan on October 19 through Turkey.

They were promised 2 thousand dollars each, but they did not receive any money. After his wound he was left by his comrades.

He told that Azerbaijani armed forces are sending them forward while they themselves go the second or third line.

Before arriving in Azerbaijan, Alsher took part in training camps where Turkish instructors worked with them.