Take Action Now – Help Secure An Immediate Stop to Torture & War Crimes

Over the course of 44 days of Turkey-backed Azerbaijani military aggression against the indigenous people of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) and Armenia, Azerbaijani armed forces – with full military and tactical support of Turkey as well as jihadist mercenaries – have committed a wide range of war crimes and crimes against humanity. 

Unfortunately, the war crimes still continue, even after the November 9th  trilateral statement signed by Armenia, Russia and Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan continues to take hostages and threaten, torture and kill civilians who refuse to leave their homes in the seized territories. In violation of the terms of the ceasefire agreement, Azerbaijan has failed to return the majority of the Prisoners Of War (POWs). The few who were returned, came back mentally and physically abused. Every additional day Armenian POWs spend in the Azerbaijani prisons, is a day closer to losing them completely.


  1. RAISE AWARENESS – Use your social media network to spread awareness of these ongoing crimes.  Join the global campaign for releasing illegally held Armenian POWs and civilians. Use the #UntilTheyAreHome and #ReturnArmenianPOWs hashtags to join the global call for justice.
  2. CONTACT OFFICIALS – Contact your Government elected officials now and urge them to take immediate action to stop war crimes and demand prosecution. Feel free to use this sample letter you can use and personalize to send to your elected officials.
  3. JOIN OTHER CAMPAIGNS: For the US residents, Stop Torture of Armenian Captives by Azerbaijan and many more active campaigns can be found on the ANCA website (Armenian National Committee of America)
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