Azeri forces destroy monuments dedicated to heroes of WW2 and first Artsakh war in village of Karin Tak

There were a number of historical and cultural monuments in the village of Karin Tak and there are already confirmed cases of their demolition – A monument dedicated to self-defense of Karin Tak and a monument dedicated to heroes of World War II.

A monument complex before and after Azerbaijani occupation.39°44’28.7″N 46°44’49.6″E
Shots of the Complex of Destroyed Monuments
Russian MFA Considers Vandalism against Monuments to Heroes of Great Patriotic War in Artsakh by Azerbaijanis Unacceptable and Immoral.

Karin Tak, a village in the Shushi region of the Artsakh Republic, just below the vertical cliffs of the city of Shushi. Karin Tak(Քարին տակ) in Armenian means “Under Stone” to mean Shushi cliffs as a stone․ The village of Karin Tak was founded in the first quarter of the 1700s by Armenian families who moved from the villages of Khtsaberd and Taghlar.