Intercepted audio between Azeri hired terrorists and mercenaries fighting in Artsakh (Karabakh)

Voice message sent by one of the members of the Syrian “Sultan Murad” terrorist group to comrades-in-armes. The speaker is letting the listeners know that despite earlier rumors, they are being sent to Azerbaijan and not to Libya, and is inviting others to join him.

Intercepted radio conversation between Syrian mercenaries Abu Hassan and Abu Ismail fighting against Armenians in Arstakh (Karabakh). Abu Hassan is complaining about Azerbaijan’s forces sending to death so they don’t have to pay them. Abu Ismail reveals that Azerbaijan is requesting photos of dead Armenians, so they can get paid.

Intercepted audio message of a Syrian mercenary in Madagis, Artsakh requesting Abu Jaber or someone of higher rank to “take us out of this swamp… half our Syrian comrades are already dead”.

Compilation of messages sent by mercenaries from Artsakh back to Syria to warn others not to come.