Destruction of Crosses and desecration of churches

Double strike on Holy Savior Ghazanchetsots Cathedral in Shushi 

On October 8, 2020, the Armenian Holy Savior Cathedral (Ghazanchetsots) in Shushi was hit by the Azerbaijani high precision missiles twice within a span of a few hours. Several international journalists, who came to document the situation after the first hit, were injured as a result of the second strike… continue

An Azerbaijani soldier praises Allah while standing on top of the bend cross of an Armenian church in Artsakh (Nogorno-Karabakh).

Azerbaijani soldiers celebrating their victory by cutting a metal cross in half with an angle grinder, in the Armenian territories they just seized.

An Azeri soldier breaks the bell from a cross-stone (Khachkar) monument and says: “I will hang it on the chest of your (Armenian) mother. If your mom is dead, then I will hang it on your wife or on your daughter.”

Azeri soldier standing on a cross

Azeri soldiers desecrated an Armenian chapel and destroyed the cross in the courtyard.

Azerbaijani Armed Forces destroyed the domes of the Kanach Zham Cathedral in Shushi. The church was deliberately destroyed after the capture of the city. In the first photo, an Azerbaijani soldier in front of the still undamaged church after it was captured. 

Azerbaijani-Turkish troops desecrated and destroyed the Armenian Khachkar and a tombstone in Vorotan (Kubatlu).