Azerbaijani Soldiers Looting Wineries in Recently Occupied Territories of Artsakh

The video is a compilation of several videos retrieved from Azerbaijani-run channels on Telegram messenger App, depicting Azeri soldiers looting a winery in the newly occupied parts of Artsakh, also known as Nagorno Karabakh. Containers & a business card spotted in videos suggest the videos were shot in Aragil Winery, in Shekher, Martuni Region.

Sizable portion of the indigenous Armenian population of Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) has been cleansed as a result of the unprovoked Azerbaijani full scale military aggression, advances of the aggressor army & indiscriminate shelling of civilians, including by using banned cluster munitions & white phosphorus. Forced to escape for their lives, the majority of civilians and entrepreneurs have left everything they had behind. Most shops, factories, production lines & other assets were deserted and eventually appropriated by occupying forces. Other wineries from Artsakh that are now in Azeri hands are world class, family run Kataro Winery of Anush-1 Company, opened in 2010 in Togh village of Hadrut Region, and Mika-Hadrut Winery, in Hadrut, Hadrut Region. These wineries were left behind, as Azerbaijan got control of these territories in November 2020. Hadrut region is part of Artsakh & NKAO proper, and has always had Armenian majority population both during soviet rule and afterwards.